The CMF aimed at simplicity!


The backoffice is built with its users in mind. Simple and intuitive administration at its core.


Built as separate components every module can be turned on and off independent from each other. This makes the interface less bloated and without distractions.

Open source

Built on top of strong and battle tested open-source projects.


Clastic is a Content Management Framework (or CMF) that aims to be simple and easy to use for contect editors. 

Simple content editing is the base of the backoffice allowing administrators to edit content without any hassle. 




  • Multi user

    You can create several administrators, editors, users for your site.

  • Mobile friendly

    Content administration need to be simple and accessible. You can administer your application from any modern moobile device.

  • Secure

    Built to protect your project and your identity. Multiple actions are taken to make Clastic a safe base to build your application.

Clastic dashboard

Clastic edit form


Clastic provides a concrete backoffice built on top of symfony. Using simple generators a backoffice can be built in no-time allowing the developers to focus on the importent part of the application, your front-end.






  • Fast & scalable

    Aimed at any type of application, Clastic is built to comply with industry standards for performance and scalability.

  • Extend

    Developed as an open-source project, everyone can file issues or request changes. Developers can build their own modules to extend the functionality even further.

  • Rapid development

    Combining symfony's tools together with clastic will make for a very short development process to get your application running in no time.


Have a go at the demo installation. This version is updated from time to time to showcase the features.

  • demo
  • demo




Demo installation

The next step

  • Getting started

    To get going with Clastic. Check out these instructions.

  • Documentation

    Clastic has community driven documentation. Changes to the documentation can be requested via Pull Requests or Issues.

  • Support

    Support can be found in the GitHub issue queue. If you would like to interact with someone, join us on Slack.


Powering projects from some early adopters allows Clastic to be improved even more. 

If you would like to showcase your project here, let us know.








NoUseFreak Blog


It does not matter if you're a developer or a user of Clastic, if you need support you can get in touch with one of our 12 users on Slack. Fill in the form to claim your invite.

The next step

  • Users

    Clastic is developed by and for it's users. New features are developed to improve the end user's experience.

  • Github

    Both the core project and it's growing list of contrib modules are developed in plain sight on Github.

  • Slack

    All discussions and user support are on slack, join now!